Scott's SA CC Faders

Package published on June 17, 2022 by Scott Stevens
IMPORTANT: Be sure to navigate to the package after download, click on the "!Scott's SA CC Faders ALL" deck and manually assign your preferred touchscreen device or deck.
REQUIREMENTS: Christian Scheuer's Faderbanks Package here:
USE: For use with touchscreens. Multitouch allows for relatively smooth control over the faders premapped to transmit MIDI CC. While this package was designed with Spitfire Audio products in mind, the basics like CC 1, CC 7, CC 11 should work universaly.
*Note: Instrument tracks in Pro Tools must be record armed to receive the MIDI messages being transmitted from the Soundflow app.
From the deck select each CC fader bay in this package and assign your desired device for use otherwise it will default to searching for the first streamdeck it detects.


1. Basic Bank
Vol – CC 7
Exp – CC 11
Mod – CC 1
Vib – CC21
2. Advanced
Speed/Tight – CC 16
Release – CC 17
Tightness – CC 18
Reverb – CC 19 (if using non Spitfire Plugin libraries, users must use "Learn CC" to control this parameter)
3. Mics
Mic 1 – CC 22
Mic 2 – CC 23
Mic 3 – CC 24
Mic 4 – CC 25
Mic 5 – CC 26
Mic 6 – CC 27