Package published on June 4, 2021 by David Simpson
Save hours of mind-numbing stem bouncing with the script. Automates the process of making tracks active and inactive for each stem - all you need to do is write what stem you want it to belong to in the comments.
P.S. I'm running Pro Tools 2021.3.0.

What You Get

A lovely folder in your session's "Bounced Files" directory named "My Song Name_STEMS". Stems in this folder are named "My Song Name_STEM_My Stem Name".
Check out the preset options for some customisation!

Quick Tutorial

Step 1

My prefferred method is to do a "Save As..." of the current session and move any non-audio tracks to the bottom of the session.

Step 2

Input the name of the stem you would like a track to belong to in it's comments eg. "DRUMS". All tracks with this name in their comments will be bounced as one audio file.
Please make sure to remove all other comments from any track you want to be in your stems.

Step 3

Select all your audio tracks that are part of your stems and make a selection over the area you'd like to bounce. Then run the script!

Step 4

You will be prompted to input a file/folder name prefix. I usually use something like "Song Name m1r1".
You will also be prompted to select which output you'd like to bounce through.

Step 5

Let it run!