Teezio's Plugin Loader

Package published on April 30, 2022 by Kitch
"Teezio's Plugin Loader" was developed in collaboration with 3x Grammy Noiminated Multiplatinum Recording & Mixing engineer Patrizio Pigliapoco AKA Teezio. Interface and code by Kitch Membery.
This Command Template is for loading plugins into insert slots on mono and stereo Pro Tools tracks.
Teezio's plugin loader allows you to create presets of all your favorite plugins.
Plugin Name: Enter the plugin name exactly as it appears in your Pro Tools insert menu.
Plugin Catagory: Enter the plugin catagory exactly as it appears in your Pro Tools insert menu.
Plugin Slot: Here you can choose which plugin slot you would like to load your plugin into. The options are as follows
  • 1 - 10: Add plugin to Insert slots 1 - 10.
  • First free slot: Add plugin to the first free slot.
  • After last used slot: Add plugin after the last used insert slot.
Preset Name: Enter the desired Pro Tools plugin preset you would like to load.
Plugin Type: Specify the plugin type, allowing you to insert Multiple Mono plugin instances.
Plugin Width: Specify the plugin width, allowing you to insert mono to stereo plugins.
HDX: If you have an HDX system you can set your plugins to load in HDX Native or HDX DSP format.
For any questions please reach out to @kitch, in the "Teezio's Plugin Loader" package forum.