Track Phase/Polarity Flip

Package published on October 5, 2021 by Chris Shaw

Inverts the phase of all clips on selected tracks.

This script will invert the phase of a track by selecting all clips on the track and flip their polarity via clip FX.
A few things to note:
  • This does not work with clip groups (This is a limitation of PT's Clip FX)
  • all clips wil be set to the same polarity. If you have one clip in a track that has been flipped while the others have not then all clips will be flipped - the flipped region will stay the same. In other words it does not toggle the polarity for each individual clip in a track but rather all of them will be set to the same polarity.
  • After running this script you can quickly switch back and forth from flipped to non flipped by using undo and redo.
  • if multiple tracks are selected then all tracks and their associated clips will have the same polarity.
  • This script will retain any selection you may have in the edit window.
  • Requires Pro Tools Ultimate.